Kevin M.
I never thought I would be in he need to someone to come to my house and clean up after my little buddies, but now, I do not know how we lived without On Doodie . Both my wife and I work multiple jobs and the little free time we have, this chore isn't one that we really want to be doing. My wife found On Doodie and it really has been great. On Doodie comes to the house every two weeks and does a fantastic cleanup job in our back yard. The price is right and the service is better than expected. Some people might say, "I don't need that", or "it isn't worth it"; well you do and it is! Call On Doodie, you will be thankful you did.
t m b.
Pawsatively the BEST SERVICE by far! Deb is awesome with our "girls" Sadie & Sophie and does a great job of keeping our yard poop free. I highly recommend "On Doodie" for anyone who wants their yard free of "do" without having to "do" it yourself!